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Our Mission

People Taking Action is a podcast intended to publish the inspiring actions of people fighting for a sustainable future. By interviewing leaders who are pioneering their own environmentally sustainable projects, whether it be in advocacy, climate change mitigation or adaptation, or technical and community projects, we want to bring their voices to the forefront.

Drawing on a global network of inspiring professionals, this podcast brings a positive, upbeat and informal perspective to the sustainability podcast scene.

Our Mission

Our host is a professional working in the sustainable development sector. This has given him the privileged opportunity to meet many inspiring people fighting for a sustainable future.

During these times of uncertainty and significant environmental challenge, we feel it is important to share all the positive news there is out there for us to soak in and enjoy.

So many amazing people never have their stories told, so that's what we aim to do!

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Our Vision

We want to help create a world where everyone takes action against the climate crisis.

Our hope is that you are inspired by the content of our podcast, and take to heart the things you learn, so that you may implement sustainability into everything you do.

But of course we want you to have fun listening in too!

Our Host

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Alex Whitebrook, an environmental policy analyst with a background in International Relations and Development Studies. He is forever eager to learn more about our diverse and changing planet and brings his enthusiasm to the table. Currently, Alex leads his own consulting firm for environmental health and safety standards. He has provided policy advice for the Global Water Partnership, Oxfam and the World Wildlife Fund.

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